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These reverse osmosis systems are precision built utilizing the latest manifold delivery system eliminating unsightly hoses everywhere! The Summit RO is available in a 4 stage or a 5 stage filtering system that deliver exceptional flow rates of 75 gpd. These under counter purified drinking water systems have been designed with the family in mind. They easily connect to your refrigerator to give you purified water and crystal clear ice while it protects your fridge in the process. Small footprint allows plenty of left over space for cleaning.

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Futura 300 Reverse Osmosis System

  • The Futura reverse osmosis is the workhorse in affordable purified water demands. These highly dependable units are  built to manufacture ultra pure water at a fraction of the cost of store bought units. They will remove a greater range of contaminates with longer lasting and inexpensive filter changes.

  • Five Stage Filtration for delicious clear drinking water

  • 3/8" Tubing provides good flow to refrigerator’s icemaker and water in door

  • Sediment/Carbon Pre-filters removes debris to prevent RO’s system from clogging and filters out chlorine to protect the refined TFC membrane

  • TFC Semipermeable Membrane (24GPD) separates tap water into molecules, reducing the contaminant molecules and makes the water purer

  • Activated Carbon Post Filters a specialized carbon, achieves prolonged contact, further filtering contaminants from refined water as the holding tank fills

  • Holding Tank 2.5 gallon capacity

Avanta Shield IQ Osmosis System: The Last Drinking Water System You will Ever Need

  • latest manifold delivery system eliminating unsightly hoses everywhere

  • 5 stage filtering system that deliver exceptional flow rates of 75 gpd

  • Bottle quality water you can trust and a manufacturer you can count on.

  • Automatically receive notifications when your filters need replacement.

  • Lifetime warranty that takes all the gamble out of owning your own

Designer faucets to match your decor.

In addition to some of the best water softeners and reverse osmosis equipment available today, we also provide superb faucets that will provide years of dependable service. With great styles and finishes to match any decor, you will love the look and performance of your new home water treatment system. Installation is performed by factory trained personnel. For granite countertops, all work is done by experienced lapidary craftsman.