Home water treatment. It's money in the bank.

Let us show you how our water treatment package can pay for itself, month after month and at the same time offer you a world of benefits only found with clean, great tasting water.

Our quality residential water softeners and reverse osmosis systems are a wise investment for any home. In the end they won't end up costing you any money. Unlike the stock market, water treatment is a sure thing. Over 100 years of scientific research and personal testimony from tens of thousands of homeowners like you (including some sent to us by your neighbors!) back up our claim!

Less soap. Less work. More clean.

With the proper in home water treatment system a cost advantage you will realize is the need to use less soap for all your cleaning. Less soap to clean the dishes and floors. Less laundry detergent and cleaner, longer lasting linens and clothes. That ugly scale that builds up around the refrigerator's water outlet will be gone forever. Many customers are glad to have had their water softener set up to deliver treated water to a spigot outside at the driveway to be able to wash their vehicle at home saving a $10 trip to the carwash.



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Drink water. Not chlorine.

The water arriving to your home by the municipal water supplies are made safe for you by large additions of chlorine and other chemicals. Unfortunately some individuals with compromised immune systems are the very young can have a difficult time overcoming even these widely accepted standards. Chlorine, while very useful, is highly corrosive.

Did you know chlorine is also found in common household cleaners and disinfectants?

Why drink it? Make no mistake- Chlorine is necessary to life and makes our water safe but it doesn't necessarily make our water healthy. Chlorine is a very inexpensive chemical intended to keep our drinking water from breeding bacteria and germs but we believe it is best used to transport water safely up to your home where it should then be removed with efficient home water conditioning equipment. That's where AquaSafeUSA has you covered with sophisticated water softener and patented reverse osmosis technologies from Ameriflow Water Systems.

More benefits than just great tasting drinking water.

Our Water Softeners can also remove unwanted chlorine from your laundry and showers. Besides the unpleasant smell most people will notice an immediate difference on their hair and skin. It also goes a long way to getting the most out of your plumbing and appliances. Call AquaSafeUSA today and start enjoying your new soft water tomorrow.